THE WWN was founded by a few local “wellness gurus,” that saw a need to bring the community together in a non-solicitation environment, to connect, learn and share.

Kerwynn Prinzing
Executive Director,
Worksite Wellness Network
Kerwynn has been in the Health and Wellness industry for over 10 years. As co-founder of Kadalyst, her passion for the wellness industry started with her own health journey and 70lb weight loss. The freedom and energy she felt after making changes in her own life was the catalyst to inspire her to help others make changes individually and organizationally.
Benjamin Prinzing
Benjamin and his team, run a Portland-based consulting firm that specializes in Population Health Management and Worksite Wellness. He is also a board member of the American Heart Association and the Chairperson for the Worksite Wellness Summit since 2012, the largest wellness conference in the northwest.

About the WWN

After attending the annual Worksite Wellness Summit, put on by the American Heart Association, a few of us got together and thought, “We need to meet more often! We need a “support group” for those in wellness.”

In late 2012, the WWN was born. However, at that time, we didn’t even have a name, just an email invite to past summit attendees to see if they’d get together to figure out what this “support group” even would be.

Now, we have over 300 members, representing over 200 local employers that find value in a collaborative “think tank,” to connect, learn and share ideas around worksite wellness.

WWN Intended Member Base

Our events are meant to help employers connect, learn and share with their peers in a non-solicitation environment. The Worksite Wellness Network is intended to provide education and support for those managing their own internal wellness programs.

For wellness vendors looking to promote and advertise their products and services, the American Heart Association Wellness Summit is a great event to join, and meet companies looking for help with their wellness programs.